timingI had a great day planned. One appointment after the other, all in the same direction and efficient. Then the changes started. One thing after another.
All very politely delivered, with the polite offer by the changers to reschedule.
The remainder is a messy day, crossing the county in a most efficient way with this 3 hour hole in the middle.
I could get angry. That accomplishes nothing.
And I get that business priorities change and everyone’s schedule is their own and my visit is one more item on the agenda.
“He can reschedule. He can be delayed. He can always come back.” Or at least that’s the mentality in today’s service economy.
And get my correct message here: I do it too, however, only when unavoidable, in respect of the other person’s schedule too, but not to clients, not to prospects.
Doctors say they reserve the right to charge you for a last-minute cancellation. Taking their example, my contracts to teach at a company or firm state that a specified charge is expected for schedule changes or delays 5 or fewer business days ahead of the date we agreed.
I just wish I had the same capacity to charge prospective clients who change our scheduled sales meetings in the same way.
Alas, it’s just not possible.
But I ponder: why is one use of time different, more expensive, more acceptable to cancel than another?
A question and practice to mentally debate yet never finalize in my mind, or my target’s.
What do you do to preclude this from happening to your schedule? Please make this a conversation.