top of mindLinkedIn announced some changes are a-comin’. Soon.

One morning you will look at LinkedIn on your desktop, and rubbing your eyes, it will look a lot like the version on your smartphone.

I am not sure I am in favor of that, but they didn’t consult me, so it’s time for me to admit that the LinkedIn designers won and I give in.

I honestly do not know anyone that really likes the smartphone version. Myself included. I ask a lot of people this. Confirming my opinion, they say it’s no where as intuitive as the desktop version and that’s not saying much at all.

Crunched into a small screen, many things you can do on the desktop just don’t exist on the smartphone. No one has ever been able to explain why they cannot be exactly the same on both. But that’s not an issue any more. And maybe that techno-gap has now changed.

I just wish the smartphone version would look exactly like the desktop version. But that’s not in the cards. I have to keep up and so do you.

One way is to be sure you have the latest version of the LinkedIn apps installed on your phone. Do not disregard new app versions.

Be practiced and ready when the desktop version changes.

That is all.