wordsI am now writing the back cover of my new book and was alotted 250 words. Seems like a lot. It’s not.

Numerous edits, slices and dices. Almost there, I think. We’ll see what the marketing and editorial staff members think.

To accomplish this 250-word oeuvre, I took my own advice (as routinely offered to my students) to create a few completely fresh-paged versions, cut and paste the best of each attempt into a final draft, like shuffling cards.

Voila! I had a pretty good version to end with yesterday evening. I’ll be taking a fresh look at it this morning to make any final changes.

So it is with your profile, section by section.

You will never get it just right the first or second or third time. And you have character limits in some of the sections on your LinkedIn profile, most notably the infamously challenging Headline (just 120 characters including spaces) to boil down your entire career into so small a space and attract further reading, so several attempts should be anticipated.

It takes days of on-and-off work and perhaps several iterations but for your best self-branding, it’s worth it. To you and to your prospective clients.