help2Asking for help on LinkedIn is perfectly acceptable.

And you get to choose from an array of people to ask:

  1. a single or multiple connection(s) or tagged group of connections (you aggregated together for some reason that is meaningful to you, such as “LinkedIn coaches” or “confidantes”).
  2. a special interest LinkedIn group you participate in. Notice I said “participate,”
    not to be confused with “observe” as the power of a group of specialized peers is being a giver as well as a receiver.
  3. your followers, different from your connections. Followers decide they admire something you have published as a long-form Post and want LinkedIn to advise them of your next installment. If you use the next Post as a thoughtful way to solicit opinions or success stories that can help you, everyone wins. Followers continue to follow.
  4. and finally, the newest way to get help on LinkedIn is to post a service request on   LinkedIn ProFinder, in which you pose a project to LinkedIn and they nominate some consultants to assist you with your needs. Anecdotally, I met an executive coach I know who landed 3 gigs recently with this service. So it clearly works! Read more about this at journal/how-to/growth-strategies/2016/09/linkedin-just-made-it-simple-to-win-new-business.html?ana=yahoo

There, 4 ways to tap the power of the network and still come up ahead, you benefitting from the accumulated wisdom of those you can rely on to offer their help, free as in the first 3 and for a fee, in the last option.