Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Talk to the audience on #LinkedIn

audience2Who is your audience?

Anyone who happens to drop by on any marketing material you produce, or is it a small sector of motivated business clients-to-be who want to know why you do what you do when they visit your profiles (personal and company) on LinkedIn?

Write and speak in electronic words to the right audience. Address them in the language that best expresses your value proposition and how you can help them.

Save the former wider approach for your website, and then even further target your self-defining material to both your LinkedIn personal and company profiles.

Use graphics and video to accompany your words. Be aware of what motivates them to go the next step to contact you. Everyone responds to different stimuli, some written, some visual. Both together are memorable and powerful.

Keep tweaking and editing your entire profile until you have the best you can possibly put out there to represent you.


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