DeathtoStock_Medium6Posts, Publishing, called different things by LinkedIn recently, is probably its most under-utilized gift. So few people use it.

I just cannot understand that.

I have now Published 92 times.

If you seek an audience, Publish on LinkedIn. And you do need an audience…

If you have an opinion to share that can benefit others, if your observations about entrepreneurial life are profound enough to affect others positively, if you have published elsewhere and want to re-purpose the material because it still has value, Publish!

It’s an ideal way to “ping” on memory radar screens of people you want to impress.

So few try to be an influencer. Lazy? Probably not. Afraid to put themselves out there as a thought leader, probably.

“Who cares what I have to say?” they wonder.

We do! Or a selection of the 450 million professionals on LinkedIn do. Does that get you motivated?

And lucky for all of us, Publishing just got richer as LinkedIn enhanced the functionality. Have a read from their recent LinkedIn Blog post about what is now available to you.

Put yourself out there and Publish.