consoleYou may have seen this (and it’s worth seeing again and again), but JIC you missed it, a boys’ soccer team from Spain defeated another team from Japan.

The short video of actions over words tells it all: sportsmanship, empathy, and consolation. The Spanish boys’ faces and gestures are so powerful, even when there seemingly is no common language. The short video is here.

The LinkedIn tie-in for this blog piece? Act well as a professional; be upright in doing so:

  • Give of yourself: openly offer others atta-boys and -girls when they succeed and even when they do not. Go beyond a “like;” add a comment or two to congratulate.
  • Be supportive of your entourage of connections and help when you can by curating articles and sharing thoughts you come across, that can be beneficial to another.
  • Often an introduction to a connection as a gesture of faith and friendship can be so meaningful and empowering to the recipients. Double whammy.
  • Endorse someone for a skill they demonstrate well.

Any and all are simple actions.

Yes, actions are important. Words too. Combine them both in the right situation:

  • Offer an unsolicited recommendation to someone who has gone above and beyond.
  • Rewrite an older recommendation you gave a while ago with refreshed and more demonstrative language to show how well the connection has recently performed.
  • Think outside the box and write a LinkedIn Post about a situation in which you cooperated with another professional and name that person in the body of the Post using the @and then their name. That way the Post appears on their profile and all their connections’ profile updates. These names also appear in the worldwide Post distribution on LinkedIn.

Think of what a simple gesture can do.

Be that Spanish kid who hugs and pats each Japanese kid on the cheek and says “it’s all right” with a few, or no words at all.

(screen capture from NowThis via FaceBook: