From my Interests section on my LinkedIn personal profile:

I am: an everything-NYC nut, an adamant foodie, love antique radios and TVs, especially art deco era items, ogle at Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and design, am fascinated with Victrolas, slave away at crossword puzzles, and my true love is fermentation (so far: baking bialys, bagels, whole grain breads, challah, and my devlishly good full sour dill pickles and sour tomatoes!)

I’m a chocoholic too! Did you know IMHO that a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands?

And then there’s qi gong and tai chi. I feel so much better as it helps me center my mind, body and energy force.

I truly enjoy meeting and networking with amazing people I get to know in my business and personal encounters life, in all walks of life, many of whom are making fascinating things happen. I enjoy helping them do those things better any way I can.

In sum, I collect great people like baseball cards. So I thank you for your contribution to that effort.

leeleeYes, I am speaking directly to you, the reader. I am sharing of myself. It’s perfectly ok to do so, to be a bit more human…

“Who cares?” you may be asking.

Others care. Especially who share the same or similar interests.

In a recent phone call, the conversation got around to the “best of” and I shared our discovery of THE (!) greatest NYC rugelach (a sweet rolled Jewish pastry) made by an African-American baker in Harlem, as the caller read my profile and in conversation asked questions related to my combination NYC and foodie sides. Then we got to business.

At a networking meeting we discussed my comment “I collect people like baseball cards” and we had a chuckle at the simile. The conversation flows better when you break the proverbial ice.

If you ask me about my diverse interests, I know I succeeded in making you read to the bottom of my LinkedIn profile, where my Interests section resides.

Game won.