gossipNo I am not about to get scientific on you.

But I firmly believe what goes around comes around.

And if I can do it, you can. Three concrete examples of business opportunities I received yesterday alone came as a result of my use of LinkedIn. You can receive similar benefits too. You just have to work it.

  • I was asked to make a presentation to an industry association meeting as a way to  broaden their educational needs and someone suggested LinkedIn, which led a colleague I haven’t seen or spoken to in several months (but who reads my Posts and shares on LinkedIn) to reach out to me.
  • Similar to the above, a woman at whose industry association group I spoke at nearly a year ago (return engagement) asked me to contact and perhaps coach her sister in LinkedIn techniques. That in itself is a compliment. But wait there’s more…the warmth of the entire conversation with the prospective coaching client was palpable, given the glowing remarks she heard from sister.
  • I was invited to a colleague’s business anniversary celebration, largely I believe, because we remain in continual contact via LinkedIn, giving “atta-persons” to each other and referring new connections. I will be there in person to root her on to many more virtual years.

This is not a spectator sport. You have to be in the game to play. You have to share and opine professionally to be memorable. You have to act frequently and continually so others can find you easily.

I never assume anyone will remember me. I want to be recalled admirably for the continuous quality of my work.

Do your actions ping on memory radar screens too?