teachersAfter all, aren’t we all teachers to our clients? Don’t they hire us for the long-term enlightenment we can create or provide, that will help not only in a particular situation, but to learn to adapt in later similar situations?

It’s back-to-school time for many teachers,  a noble breed. We entrust them with our children for their personal development every school day, 9 months a year.

But for some of us teachers, defined more broadly, there is no seasonality. We do it all year-long.

So when a reader reviews your LinkedIn profile, do they feel they can learn from you? Can they benefit best from you vs. the competition?

How well do you invest in telling “why you,” in best defining yourself and who your prospective clients are, to be perceived as outcome-oriented, rather than seem to ready to swoop in for the fast hit? Think from the reader’s POV: how do you come across marketing yourself to be considered over the long run, not just for a single sale.

Clients want a relationship, not a fast date. You need to attract them with the right images. You seek a chance to demonstrate your capability/ies and worth. You want them to refer you later, but you have to earn it.

Think longer term in how you construct your LinkedIn profile.