confused2In the coming couple of weeks I will be dedicated to sketching out my fall webinar series. It’s been a while since I recorded a webinar course and I am ready to get back in that mode.

I have a few ideas and wanted your input. What mini-courses and/or topics would you like me to cover?

They can be really quick 3 minute how-to’s or more involved hour-long workshops in marketing techniques. And everything in between!

  • One in particular that comes to mind immediately is how multipreneurs can optimize LinkedIn, both for their own personal profile and for their several company profiles.
  • Another idea I have can address challenges nonprofit pros face in showing their agency off best (and themselves!) using LinkedIn.

What can you think of, that you need my training course to cover?

If you are the originator of a course idea I will send you a promo code to make that course free for you.

That should get you cogitating!