mopThe toilet mechanism broke on the inside of the tank at 6 am Saturday morning. Floor control valve stuck; water spewing everywhere, to the ceiling, floor, walls. Know where your whole house shutoff valve is, as I did, and quickly avert a huge water damage issue. Emergency plumbers on an August Saturday morning do not come easy, or even answer an emergency call (especially frustrating since all that I called advertise a 24/7 phone line and emergency service squad available on their websites!). Luckily via referral, I found a good one. Good people refer other good people. The plumber rearranged some appointments, came on time and he’s a keeper for other projects. Happily-ever-after ending.

The LinkedIn connection, you wonder?

I get calls fairly frequently from friends, clients and colleagues that they did {something} on LinkedIn, or LinkedIn did {something} on its own (that can happen!) and they don’t know where {it} went or how to fix {it}.

Granted, not a true emergency, but the reality is that when you are baffled by technology and don’t know how to remedy {it}, and worry your social media readers will see {it}, your BP rises and you want a quick fix.

I can help!

You know that if you can’t get me right away, there is a  LinkedIn Help Center, right? You also know that it may or may not have your answer, so call or email me.

I will rescue you. I try to get back to you asap, knowing the anxiety factor, assess your situation and offer a remedy via phone, and/or email if feasible (so you can keep it for later reference). Just to manage your expectations, consider that this LinkedIn handyman team of one is not open not 24/7, please. But I can help clean up the mess.

Guidance and a few clicks in the right places (some largely hidden from normal view), crisis averted, all’s well.