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On losing a friend

deathI will miss Mike.

He lit up the room, he was the catalyst for a laugh in an otherwise too serious meeting, he served as the mentor to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of entrepreneurs… and he was notably the Irish guy who used more Yiddish expressions in his daily conversation than anyone I know, a carryover from his long career in the garment district. A mentor and a friend. I was truly fortunate to have known him and learned from him.

He suffered a fatal heart attack at a meeting of his SCORE peers, doing what he loved best, giving of his time and business experience to help others do better.

He was not a particularly techo-savvy guy, however, and he admitted it freely, but he did see social media’s worth. He asked others to intervene when he was out of his techno-league. He would ask me to assist on LinkedIn topics with his SCORE clients, and  I was happy to do so. It’s how I could give back to Mike for all he gave me.

Remembering him will always make me smile. A full life, but snubbed out way too soon.

We all lose colleagues, clients, family and friends. Yes, it’s a painful part of relationships we make. My suggestion in this difficult time: in all the tumult (Mike: that was for you!) following a death, try to remember to close their LinkedIn, and other social media, accounts.

When you need this, and I am sure you will someday, LinkedIn has a procedure for taking down a closing a deceased person’s LinkedIn profile.


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