balance1LinkedIn updates are important to distribute and useful when beneficial to others. Note the emphasis on “when used effectively and smartly.” Not when used too much, lest one become a wolf-crier. Not when too shallow or too deep to mean very much to the reader.

I have a colleague who updates his networking meetings on a daily basis. OK, but do we really need to know where he is eating lunch and dinner and with whom? Do I care? Not any more, so I tune him out.

I have another colleague who posts quotes from famous and not-so famous people, some pithy and other quotes kinda “out-there.” Perhaps I don’t appreciate the wisdom of the quoted person. Rather, I’d much rather see original thought leadership from my LinkedIn colleagues’ minds. Or their commentary to introduce an article that is being attached.

Updates are important. They elevate your recognition and being memorable only when you share useful and interesting material.

Don’t over- or under-play this opportunity. Find the just-right position and use shared updates fruitfully.

Balance. Be a valued contributor of beneficial updates.