multipreneur1Have more than one business?

Are they seemingly dis-associated?

This businessperson hung up 2 signs.

But I, probably like you, do not have a brick-and-mortar storefront presence.

We work virtually.

Are you struggling to show both on your LinkedIn profile pages (personal and company)?

No problem! An excerpt from my upcoming book, to be published in the late fall:

The challenge: how do you clearly and concisely show the world WYDWYD (why you do what you do) when it’s challenging enough to express it for just one business, let alone two, or more?

Well, you start with a common denominator, some sort of entwining concept, and you write your LinkedIn profile and its component sections reinforcing the threads: in turn you make it easier for the reader to understand that 2 or more industries or businesses or degrees set you apart in some special way as a unique business colleague, yet you are one whole individual from whom they can rely, hire, seek advice, refer, etc., based on your unique skill sets and viewpoints. Not the multiple industries per se. One person, one story to tell about him/herself.

No one is able to tell how to reconcile the two or more parts of your professional brain better than you. So make your case cohesive and clear, despite the inner suspicion others have that no one can master more than one complicated business pursuit, and (gasp!) even do it well. We can.

But we have to work a bit harder to tell WYDWYD. Simply telling “who” and “what” you do in 2 sectors will never suffice. “Why” you do these things and “how” you pull them off is essential.

Perhaps the above photo (yes, the name has been masked to protect the innocent) I took is not so far-fetched now as you thought it was when you first saw it.

Tomorrow: a special guest blog piece by my favorite headshot photographer Brett Deutsch!