news3Cool news today that LinkedIn is introducing a new service called LinkedIn Feed to its 500 Influencers (so far) and this may be trickling our way soon.

What is it? It’s a iOS app (I don’t see it on the Apps Store yet) that will someday allow you to record a brief 30 second video response to a topic or questions their editors choose and then you can share your professional opinions and insights with followers.

Does this tell you that you absolutely need to get comfortable with video? Uh, yeah. And you sure can pack a lot into 30 seconds, if you practice.

If you are not video savvy, now is the time to experiment.Take out that smartphone and make some test videos. Send them to colleagues and friends and ask for their critique. Learn from their comments. Keep testing and improving. Then when LinkedIn Feed is made available to the rest of us, you are prepared to rock out your professional opinions.

You heard it here first, folks.