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De-commoditize your #LinkedIn profile

vote-146962_1280 (1)The discussion at my networking group the other day seemed to involve the word “de-commoditize.”

The tax lawyer started it, speaking about recent cases he undertook that made the difference for clients, by virtue of choosing him based on certain skills and attributes he uniquely brings to the proverbial table. Indeed his capabilities won the day. Isn’t that what it’s all about??

Around the table we went, and there was a theme emerging: in the next elevator pitches we seemed to build upon previous ones, describing (briefly) how each member possesses unique, earned abilities and anecdotal evidence of such. Not commoditized speeches, but customized short stories, much more memorable.for referrals: another goal.

We must come across honest, self-assured, that we can make the difference for the client, based on our experience, as we clearly self-describe it. Always a work in progress.

Yet I continue to see LinkedIn profile cheat sheets offered by big inbound marketing  companies and a proliferation of same-old-same-old articles on “10 minutes to make LinkedIn amazing” or such.

Not quite. I fear these snap, easy fixes drive some of you into homogenizing your LinkedIn voice, format and style, one sounding much like the other readers of the same how-to article, employing the fastest/easiest ways out, as suggested by those authors.

These are mass market tactics, not personal strategies…

Answer honestly to yourself:

  • Did your commoditized profile material squelch your conscious need to demonstrate your personalization and differentiation?
  • Is your profile looking templated, or have you truly spent the time thinking, delving deep into “why you” and explaining your freshness, your uniqueness well?
  • Did the result make you truly proud of how it conveys the real you, or did you just make a step-wise improvement?
  • You may have “said” some things in your LinkedIn profile, but (big but) did you create something memorable and recommendable?
  • Have you made a valiant effort to self-brand, much better than your competitor?

Rise above being like a commodity. No one buys generic products anymore.

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