Your public profile on LinkedIn is open to all to see.

All the reader has to do is google you and click on the search result for you on LinkedIn, appearing up towards the top, if not at the very top:



To adjust what the public can and cannot see, you are in control. Signed into LinkedIn using your ID and PW (since only you can change this) go to the URL and you will see your public profile. Under Customize Your Public Profile, to the top right, a series of vertical check boxes allow you to check or uncheck the sections of your full profile you want the public to see:


Job seekers are often concerned about the degree to which recruiters and interviewers can see their profiles. The debate is: how much is too little and how much is too much?

This is also the perfect place to adjust the detail about you is portrayed to people you are not connected with. Caution: be selective yet not too restrictive.

Pretty easy to do this, once you know where to look. You can always adjust this later, as your situation changes.