Today's LinkedIn Nugget

New dogs/old dogs; new tricks

photographerMany of us never learned self-marketing in college, grad school or in corporate positions. Then, thrust into our own companies and firms, we suddenly had to fill the void, that marketing and branding job to make us better known and recognized. Then the object becomes to be admired and referred.

Without launching into my usual encouragement for you to self-brand and self-market (you have reads that before in this blog), this article, aimed at photographers, yields important lessons for us all:

Quotes from the article:

“If you’re a professional photographer, 80 percent of your time is dedicated to business, marketing and education,” … “And the other 20 percent is the actual photography.” (I suggest you insert your own profession instead of “photographer.”)

“It is about being professional, about setting yourself apart, about being memorable…”

Enjoy and employ.