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Showing your roots on #LinkedIn

roots.jpgThose of us in our 40’s and older have experience in previous decades / technologies / products / services  that may not be directly applicable to our present work.

Life is a journey; that may also mean you held a series of jobs in that antiquated field with no real immediately-obvious benefit to discussing them in your LinkedIn profile (unless a recommendation from a  former colleague in that period is so outstanding).

The dilemma is to show your entire years of experience without boring the reader. You don’t want to leave out any period of time as that makes the reader’s mind wander, and that’s not what you want.

The remedy? Collapse a number of previous century jobs into a generic, functional listing on your profile and concentrate your comments on why and how this experience contributed to the next (detailed) positions you held. Better, its applicability to today’s work.

Well, c’mon Marc, you say, you don’t do that. Yes, I am aware I am suggesting something to you that I do not practice. That’s because my old corporate treasury experience directly influences the cash-flow orientation I bring to my e-payment services (my other career),

It’s your choice how to present it. And my job to suggest an alternative. BUT IF your old experience is nothing like what your present work is, (and that’s increasingly common these days), make the oldest job position in your Experience section a functional one. keep showing why you do what you do.

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