A number of people have commented to me lately that LinkedIn seems to have lost its business propriety. Political opinions, number games, word puzzles, sexually-oriented photos disguised as marketing pieces, etc. keep popping up and provoking guesses, answers and business-incorrect comments.

Here’s one from yesterday that caused me to comment. I thought I was professional. puzzles.jpg

5874 answer guesses ans 1247 “likes” to this rather simple puzzle later, a colleague commented back to me: Marc, we’re fighting a losing battle with this. Just deal with the fact that LI has changed and we’re just going to have to “make do.” 

I disagree. That’s not good enough for me to allow this without my comment.


Let’s make it a grass-roots effort for as many of us as possible to call down and add our professional POV to dissuade others from these types of nonbusiness distractions.

In other words, LinkedIn ≠ Facebook.