taichiQi is the lifeforce energy the Chinese discovered centuries ago, encouraging us to work to course it through your body in tai chi and its derivative exercise regimens, to heal you, to improve your outlook, and to refocus your thoughts.

I am no expert in tai ch or qi gong but have enjoyed learning them both and try to perfect my rudimentary practice.

You feel qi when you rub your hands together briskly for a few minutes and then separate them a bit and sense the qi, the electricity, between your palms.

I got that mental qi, that sense of electricity, as I read a few LinkedIn profiles from colleagues this week, some between positions, others as consultants, all of which thought carefully and deeply about themselves, their audience, and expressing their WHY very well.

They took to heart some of the ideas I espouse and applied them in their own words, why they do well what they do and what depth they bring with them to prospective employers and clients.

It’s a pleasure to see qi and LinkedIn in action, in tandem, in practice.