focus1Not a typo–I meant to say profiles.

Yes, you not only have a personal profile but you can further brand your servcies in a company profile (yes, about your business) on LinkedIn, if you have not already created one. Take a look at both again.

Think of the latter as an additional  micro business webpage, not to be confused with the same language as appears on your website (available to the entire universe!). This time, focus your words and symbols to the professional business community of LinkedIn, now 433 million people and climbing.

Use rich action verbs. Keep it updated with press-worthy news. Invite clients and vendors to become followers of your company profile page. And add a showcase page on a topic or product/service that needs a boost. Here are some other startup ideas too.

The summer is just the time to refocus your thoughts and brand to the upcoming start of the fourth quarter of the year.

Focus. Create or recreate.