wishFirst we wish that bats would go away. Now an article appreciates them them for their ability to devour mass quantities of mosquitoes in a short period of time.

Things change. Perceptions blur and needs alter.

The other day in one of my classes as we went around the room introducing our LinkedIn expectations, 3 of 8 students had not yet opened a LinkedIn account.

The rest had a lot of work to do. Some admitted they needed “unlearning” old habits.

Lucky for the 3, they had nothing to rewrite so they could use the spirit of what I taught to create a good LinkedIn profile from scratch, first draft ready ahead of our next class.

I often wish that all my clients and students could erase the slate and start over. I know they cannot. Some continue to drag along the baggage of an older profile. Some pretty it up but don’t go as far as I would like them to.

Both newbies and existing LinkedIn profilers find they often can’t get past a Facebook-like profile or a resume-like profile. I wish they had more self-assurance to tell their own story to a different audience: the professional business community.

Other times I wish the entire class had some sort of profile already. Once in a while an individual breaks through and nails it in a few writings. Or a particular section that stymies more experienced profile writers makes no trouble for the new adherent. Inspiration to the others!

Every class is made up of a different cohort. They all have different needs and aims. No two class compositions are ever the same-a challenge and delight in itself! I think I will stop wishing for what I cannot get.