questions90+ degrees in the city. Super humid. Regular looking guy approaching on the sidewalk, wearing a Uniqlo winter coat, zipped to the neck. I sweat just thinking about this.

Ok, perhaps he runs cold. Maybe he has a medical condition. I get a few seconds to assess him for: normalcy, sanity, temperament, etc. and all seems to check out in a glance. We pass, I imperceptibly shake my head.

But why the coat when all else are sweltering? Something doesn’t add up.

Early to a meeting, writing to you right now, I await my compatriots as they roll in, more like slither in, to the A/C from the heat. While waiting I use my “found” time best to peruse a couple of LinkedIn profiles of people I met yesterday to ascertain if I should schedule a future upcoming “get-to-know-you” meeting. Then, if warranted, connecting on LinkedIn.

Hold on. One really “together” woman I met yesterday seems to have mastered the verbal part of our meeting but when I look at her dull, lifeless LinkedIn profile she is out of synch with her personality.

And then I look at the next person who caught my business attention yesterday: a guy with a seemingly halting ability to express why he does what he does, yet in his neat twist on an old business model, that makes him quite interesting. When I scan his LinkedIn profile, he has nailed the self-branding in written form, but why not orally when I met him?

Each is inconsistent in presentation, like the author and the actress I have worked with, incapable (without coaching) to express their personal “why.” Hesitant to let their guard down and speak from the heart.

These newest contacts I am researching definitely need work in one or the other aspect of their self-branding. So, reader, do you portray a divergent persona? What’s keeping you from being the best in all professional media of communication that you can be?

Don’t make casual, attention-deprived observers shake their head and conclude that something about you doesn’t add up. They will rarely, if ever, give you another chance.