Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The easy stuff is not always that easy…

I recently came across a great graphic (perhaps you saw it elsewhere on LinkedIn):


I am teaching another 3-part LinkedIn course to underemployed boomers today.  Inevitably, I arrive early to set up and make it my business to start right on time.I always say that those who arrived for the start get the full value and I respect their time. We introduce ourselves around the table and tell what we are looking for in the next career position.

Latecomers disrupt the flow and the energy I try to generate in the room.  They need to learn the #1 talentless requirement above. I will admonish them (nicely) by placing this graphic on the screen until we get ready to go into my prepared material…and almost all of the latecomers arrive on time or early for the next session.

Would they arrive to a job interview late?

Now let’s work on the other 9.


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