my LI bookIf you have been reading my blog posts recently, you know I have been excerpting sections from my upcoming book to reinforce the pointers I offer in some of my blog postings.

Well, I am pleased to say I submitted the manuscript to the publisher, the American Bar Association, the other day. The title appears in the graphic to the left.

A huge feeling of relief went with it, after working on it through the winter and spring, and with the manuscript went a slew of graphics and screenshots to illustrate certain marketing features that were needed.

The contract called for 125+/- pages, that’s how it turned out (without much manipulation on my part-I had that much to say!). It’s my voice and the marketing techniques I have seen work so well.

The people who surround me to made it come together were quite generous, above and beyond. There’s a guest chapter on ethical considerations in LinkedIn marketing for attorneys, there are quotes from professional services colleagues nationwide to reinforce real useful aspects of each chapter from their own experiences, and the attorney at LinkedIn who oversees use of their brand and trademarks in books was most helpful, even in the midst of the acquisition by Microsoft.

Next, it goes through the editing process and I look forward to its publication in November/December 2016. The perfect holiday gift for friends and colleagues!

I just hope the cover looks better than this!