inoutdoorLast week I blogged about the 2 way street on LinkedIn, professional courtesy and also on guarding the privilege of connecting with people.  That leads me to the thoughts I am having recently of various people in my connection group moving on to other roles and jobs, in one case from a position of great utility (to me) as a colleague, to another position that may yet be a fit for my other needs. But wait, it’s not about me, right? It’s what’s best for the other person, as he (in this case) takes the next logical step in his career, and eventually moves far away.

To be sure, I am truly happy for him and wish him well, it’s just that I will miss comparing notes with him as regularly. Nothing says it won’t continue; it just won’t be the same.

So with LinkedIn being the common denominator between us, I am resolved that we just have to work that much harder to keep the connection strong. It will require more reaching out. He is starting his new business, and all good luck and wishes to him, so I having been in that position before, I already offered to help in any way. Yes, it will be different, but who knows, perhaps just better? I certainly think so.

The moral to the story is: treasure all connections as privileges and nurture them in ways (LinkedIn being one of them) that may not be completely apparent now, to help them flourish later.