You have met them: those with no business manners. They lack common sense in how to scissor1deal socially and professionally with you and your colleagues.

  • You invite them to an event and they agree to attend, tell others they will, then never show up. No reason later is given. Not my type of person.
  • They display an act of verbal or physical aggression in front of a group of peers. I erased them as one of my connections as I do not need to be seen in association with them.
  • They respond to a shared update with a completely off base comment and continue to comment equally aggressively to others who enter the conversations.

Yes, there may be a reason for not showing up, like a family emergency, or a business fire to put out, but to not later comment and apologize? Do I re-invite them to another event?

Inappropriate behavior among peers may be triggered by a life trauma that is not obvious, but do I refer the person to a client or colleague and pray they act normally in face of adversity?

Do I fuel the fire of an odd comment by eliminating it from the thread or do I verbally (yet professionally) admonish them in front of everyone? Ignore it and believe the good people will see the comment is ridiculous and let it go?

LinkedIn is made up of a collection of connections you meet, get to know and nourish. Sometimes you have to pull the weeds to save the flower bed.

Disconnecting from someone is always your privilege, just like connecting once was.

If you do disconnect, the other person does not receive a message from LinkedIn. Let them ponder why you did so. Perhaps upon reflection they will realize their error. You will never teach them manners, but only you can keep your connection group pristine.