brickwallIt’s you and the brickwall–you know you need to avoid the wall but somehow it comes closer and closer and you can’t go any further: writing a Post, editing your profile, finding great articles to share, whatever it is that is holding you back. You need inspiration or new material to share, or to prove a point.

The availability of information is huge, you just need to curate the right stuff, knowing what your reading audience is looking for. Two tips:

1-Yes of course I am going to recommend Pulse, LinkedIn’s new service. Recent changes on LinkedIn just made it MUCH harder to find where to change the sources and channels of material that you asked LinkedIn to send you. If you never adjusted this before, you really need to do so. Now you can go to this link and make your selections:

  • Follow some Influencers.
  • Add and delete Publishers (great sources of information as well).
  • Change the channels of information to attune them to your interests.

Hopefully, by being selective in this way, you will receive more great material on your Home Page continuously.

2-At coffee with a colleague the other day she told me she had just discovered Flipboard, a smartphone app that also crawls the news and you can set to seek keywords to bring you articles that you can share that most people in your circles never get to see. Try it!

Curating great material and sharing it is a noble act. Be helpful to others, make them aware of new ideas, be a thought leader and they will refer you.