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How do you get to the TV studio? You practice!

MWH on Insian TV84_4up Mr. Carnegie, I am not ready for your hall yet.

But I keep on practicing!

I sure was ready to sit for a 30 minute interview on Indian TV, which was broadcast worldwide to Indian residents and expats in prime time this past Wednesday evening.

I recall the first TV videotaping I did 3 years ago, feeling stiff and wooden, appearing too interested in the motion and technology around me and blindsided as I perched on a stool at the glassed-in makeshift studio overlooking Times Square in NYC.

Other opportunities came to shoot TV, and short video as well. The more experience I had in front of a camera, the easier it got. And the more fun I had.

This recent interview was a collaboration with Gurmeet Sodhi, a valued colleague and correspondent for TV stations serving the Indian community, in-country and expats. She made me confortable and welcome.

India, by the way, is the second largest country population on LinkedIn, as you already know from a recent blog post.

I was her special guest (her term) and we had a great time, the fastest 30 minutes in my life!

There’re some things to learn in the broadcast that may help you, my reader/viewer.

The link to the 30 minute video is here. Enjoy. Pass along to others if you like.

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