The various groups I follow and participate in are humming about the merger.

There’s a Google group of LinkedIn trainers, there’s a LinkedIn group of LinkedIn trainers and then there are the trainers I speak to in the coopetition (cooperation + competition).

The general agreement among us is that the merger will be highly beneficial. Why?

  • Both companies needed each other.
  • Microsoft’s cash position and CRM strength will help LinkedIn develop further.
  • LinkedIn’s business professional constituency and news service attracted Microsoft.
  • In sum, each had gaps that needed plugging with the strengths of the other.

The fresh infusion and new resolve to make each part of the Office365 suite cooperate with LinkedIn while never leaving the 4 walls of Microsoft will be a huge efficiency plus for all of us. Change brings new ideas. So far so good. Let’s watch this develop.

And if I may repeat what I said yesterday,

My recommendation: for now, stay the course. Keep updating and sharing great material and tweaking your profile and Posting your observations. Be courteous in your opinions, be professional in all your actions, and most of all, brand yourself in the best possible manner, like I have been telling you all along.

Embrace the change, as it comes I will continue to help you through it, verbally, orally, in video, one-to-one and in groups, working with the professionals in all walks of life I help look amazing-ER.