Today's LinkedIn Nugget

How to your express opinions on #LinkedIn (or not!)

deathIt’s natural to be outraged when a mass killing occurs. It’s our right to express a viewpoint on how to prevent it again. It’s normal to want to do something when you feel you can make a difference. It’s admirable to take an educated stand. Especially on social media.

But how?

I have no truly earth-shaking answers to the questions I am posing. I can only speak for myself.

Find your voice, follow your conscience, but express it elsewhere than LinkedIn.

I posted a “share” of “I pray for Orlando” on my Facebook personal page. Perhaps some of you will find a way to express this on your other social media. Similarly thinking friends will like it or place a sad-face emoticon it. Because we can.

I could even tweet into the abyss of sympathetic snowflakes in the snowstorm. Because I can.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

I caution you to refrain from making this tragedy another political statement firestorm on LinkedIn, like partisan presidential politics have become, yet another distraction from LinkedIn’s purpose.

If you must, find a business parallel and opine in a long-form Post. Try to give a professional POV that will assist fellow business people. Other business people may be similarly challenged and appreciate your perspective, give when there is no expectaiton of return. Pay it forward. You may get up on that saopbox and opine professionally.

But save us from your private, non-business-related personal opinion, even if I whole-heartedly agree with it, in LinkedIn shared updates.This is not your podium.

Posts are.

Yes, you have the right to an opinion. Don’t offend or alienate on LinkedIn.LinkedIn is not the forum for opinions and politics. Refrain and restrain, please.

LinkedIn is the global business professional forum. We already have enough to discuss there.