roughroadIn the past 3 days I railed about a recent LinkedIn survey and its results.

Today, as I mentioned yesterday, I cringed when I read “52% of workers stated they would rather talk about a colleague’s achievements than their own.”

That means almost half of the respond ants would not even feel comfortable talking about their worth, their values, their career but would rather talk about someone else’s.

Ok in yesterday’s 20th century we were all taught not to talk about ourselves out of fear of sounding “conceited” or ego-centered.

Today in the 21st century we have completely new ways of communicating, LinkedIn being one of them, and talking about you own achievements takes every bit as much necessity and importance as doing that for others. So you can certainly continue to speak glowingly of others, but be sure you have already given your listeners a place to learn about you–and express why you well-too.

Do that on LinkedIn.

Tomorrow: part 4 in which I remark on “76% believe it’s difficult to overcome a bad impression, ” a result of the same survey.