roughroadContinuing yesterday’s blog post assessing new survey results recently published by LinkedIn, today I turn my comments to “Only 35% feel confident describing their professional achievements.”

You succeed, you grow, you move on, like layers of an onion, you get more robust each time you make a change. It’s a constant flow and yes, though there may have been some reversals along the way, you still persevere and move forward.

Now it is time to tell us what you are proud of in your profile. Yes, we want to know. It defines you, it makes you real, and amazing-er. So in the Experience section of your profile,. start expanding each job you held to tell us why you were able to be successful there. Now what you did, but why.

Show us your Publications, Honors, Awards, Volunteer work, slide decks, PDFs, videos, use LinkedIn’s Posts (long form opinion pieces to share you ideas and observations, be a thought leader (and you probably already are, you just didn’t think of yourself as such) so tell us why you are in the position in your company, industry you are presently in.

Is this easy? No. Is it fast? Definitely not. But you need to tell us why you. Be part of the 65% who have broken through and overtly talks about how they are successful. It is expected, so start doing it.

Tomorrow: part 3 of this series in which I cringe when I see “52% of workers stated they would rather talk about a colleague’s achievements than their own” and why.