popSummer. It’s finally here. marked informally all over by the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Things seem to slow down. People disappear to all corners of the earth or beach. Some of us stay around. Some of us jet away. Some of us work remotely. Yes, business continues in June, July, August.

In any case, start loading any or as many of, the 8 LinkedIn smartphone apps to stay in touch any where, any time, any way. From my upcoming book, an excerpt:

“Here is an overview of the LinkedIn mobile apps, available om Apple and Android devices. Referring you to LinkedIn’s website https://mobile.linkedin.com/ for more detail, I have outlined the apps that are available as of this writing.

  1. The LinkedIn app: a light mobile version of desktop LinkedIn, it has ways to get at much of the same data, although in different places, on the small mobile screen versus the larger one.
  2. LinkedIn Groups app: their mobile service for your group affiliations on LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn SlideShare app: their mobile service to help you read and share recent multimedia material shared by others interested in the same topics as you. Two ideas for using mobile SlideShare:
  4. Lynda.com: their recent acquisition of this online educational seminar service will help you use your spare time beneficially to learn new skills and educate yourself on new topics from experts in the field. Until now, all apps discussed above provide free materials. Lynda.com courses have priced affixed to their description, often multiple to choose from.
  5. LinkedIn Jobs app: this mobile app has dual functionality in that you tell it what positions you are specifically looking for, by search term, title or location; it notifies you of new jobs posted on the app that meet your specifications. It is secure and private.
  6. LinkedIn Lookup app: this mobile service works when you are working in a company that has signed up for this service, and it allows you to search for coworkers and contact them via LinkedIn without using Inmails, even if you’ve not yet connected to them on LinkedIn.
  7. LinkedIn Elevate app: this mobile app also presumes your firm has signed on for this service, it allows you access to articles and insights that are curated by fellow company workers to share.
  8. LinkedIn Student app: a mobile service aimed at college students, containing a curated source of articles and insight into past successes that alums found with selected employers who recruit at the student’s campus.”

Load them and keep them updated to the latest version. Try using them no matter where you are. How cool would it be to earn a new hot piece of business by checking in with your LinkedIn messages and connections during the summer?

Network at those BBQs.Have a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend.