knowledgeAn idea and an image; an experiment: me offering 90 minutes of unscripted open question and answer to attendees, all different capabilities, all different backgrounds and experience. I would be on the spot and they are able to ask me anything LinkedIn.

Weeks earlier, I offered the idea to a highly respected program director at a social services agency where I volunteer teaching my LinkedIn expertise to underemployed boomers. She liked it. It was scheduled, for this past Wednesday.

As I ascended the steps to the building to prep for the session, I asked myself, “Are you nuts?” I already knew the answer and entered the building anyways and set up. The familiar faces of past students, and some new ones, greeted me as they settled in.

I prefaced that I had a few things they need to know that were new on LinkedIn and then opened it up to their questions. Arms shot up.

One at a time, many asked multiple “how the heck” questions. They ran out of questions in the fastest 90 minutes I ever experienced and they were beaming, thanking me.  The director emailed a day later, gushing. I offered to hold another one later this year.

Self satisfied, I know made a difference. Better yet, I suspected I would but I silently self-congratulated that I more than survived the ordeal, which really was nothing uncomfortable at all, just reinforced to me that if you teach it they will come, and you can teach it, you nut.