sweaterFrom a recent business TV spot, two very smart guys pooled their savings to open a business that produces items no one really wants: ugly sweaters.

Yes, that’s right, for all seasons and occasions: see http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/10/how-ugly-sweaters-led-to-pretty-sales.html.

Their success flies in the face of accepted norms. They dared to be different. And they succeeded by being smart and creative.

Surprisingly for all their fun and bravado as e-commerce leaders, one of them is on LinkedIn in (boring!) and the other is not. Yes, 30-somethings running consumer based business not having a LinkedIn profile is not a real surprise. Realistically, they ought to be on LinkedIn, but I guess they are having too much fun. Or daring to be different again.

So readers, get out of your own way, talk about yourself in an enticing yet professional manner, with “I” throughout your narrative a strong power verbs to make your LinkedIn profile colorful and interesting to read; you want others to want to engage with you for a product or serve they really need, and perhaps may want for themselves as well.