100pctI became aware of a website named www.buymeonce.com. From their home page: “BuyMeOnce USA finds and promotes products that don’t break the bank, don’t break the planet… that don’t break at all! We also challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts – we know they can.”

Yes, there are many (!) items that are listed there. Some were a surprise. Then again, some of the items belong there for the quality and durability that were designed into them. But they are all products.

What about services?

I believe that the lifetime guarantee from LLBean to replace a product no questions asked is indeed as valuable a defining service as their products. “At any time,” “100% guarantee.” I have experienced this handling on rare occasions and am a believer in their brand.

Our delivery as professional services firms may not infallible but at least we have a moral obligation to do our utmost to make it as right as we can, within the constraints of the law, regulations and industry practices, even if the client is expecting miracles.

The durability of our great reputation hangs in the balance with each confrontation. The blot of a bad reputation is indelible. There is nothing in between great and bad.

People talk. Some praise and refer you. Others gossip and complain. Again, no one takes time to speak about you in the middle.

The LinkedIn hook? Gather great recommendations and credible endorsements around you, manage the output to give an overall correct and quality view of your services. Treat every casual reader of your LinkedIn profile as one to make an immediate initial impression. Carry through the excellent experience of working with you at every touch point. Respond immediately to defray a tough situation.

Build your brand.

Some last a lifetime but it takes a lot of work to ensure the trust.