Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A dozen flowers on #LinkedIn

2016-05-16 07.17.53.jpg

Do you want to cheer someone every day? Give a bulb that sprouts a flower (or a dozen!) so they can watch it develop and mature, day by day. Or a plant that promises a show, like the clivia miniata that we received. The 12 flowers are anticipated daily: what did it do this morning, changed from the previous day? Today’s show is above: a dozen flowers, all blooming at a different rate.

The LinkedIn connection? Every section of your personal profile, and your self-articulation of “why you do what you do” will not all resonate at the same time to the same reader, in every way you try to express it. But one section or image will, or perhaps more than one if you are good in self-branding.

It’s a process: tweaking and amending your profile in step with your business journey.

Make a memorable impression. Cross pollinate your ideas to others in hopes for a moment to connect well and produce a budding relationship.