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Global #nonprofit “use” of #LinkedIn

BTW this is a screen capture of item #7 in the study summary and is not intended to show 7.95%. Read the whole study:


I am pleased to see LinkedIn is being “used” more in North America, and globally, but statistics can mislead, my friends.

“Using LinkedIn by a NGO/NPO” (as the study defines it on page 10) is unclear how, and for how long, it is used, and IMHO, not the same as using LinkedIn  well and having everyone in the organization’s personal profile pages in lock-step with the theme and mission of the organization. That’s a horse of a different color, from what I see in my work.

Often the company profile pages is an exact copy of the website About Us page.

Yes, that may qualify as “using LinkedIn” in the study but that’s not using it right. And my mission to change.

Know a nonprofit that needs LinkedIn help to better reach out to corporate sponsors, volunteers, probono consultants, board member candidates and donors? Yes, I can apprise them of better ways. because there are many that corporate LinkedIn users know that need to cross over to nonprofiteers and their organizations. Much more can be done.


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