pastI recently saw a documentary film named “Chuck Norris and Communism,” the theme of which I found interesting, and you know me, I have an observation to interpret it in a LinkedIn way…

In the 1980’s under Ceaușescu’s Romanian oppressive regime, people assembled secretly in apartments with drapes drawn to view smuggled action movies like Bruce Lee rumbles, the Rambo and Rocky sequels, Chuck Norris shoot-em-ups and the like as an escape. But their brave curiosity was the result of being denied a view of the outside world.

A video tape deck cost the equivalent of a car. Some made fortunes selling and reselling poor-quality videotape copies.And although illegal, even the top echelons of the secret police and Ceaușescu’s own son watched these videos surreptitiously. But of course.

Why? We humans crave stories. We want to relate to what others have, to know what new ideas are conveyed. And we need it, especially when we do not get it easily..

Very fortunately, we are not repressed in the information we want and need, to carry out to demonstrate our business value props. We expect, and want, to know more about others before we hire them. And not to work too hard at it.

We must portray our own story: past-present-future: how our past makes up who we are today and how our future is dependent on what we can accomplish now.

But reader, you have to want to tell it. No one gets in the way of telling your LinkedIn story well but you.