aisleYou are a brand. You know that if you read me here. Brands need tag lines. We need something to remember better, like a jingle or an icon. We identify brands with color and pictures.

Brand yourself with color and pictures too. Make yourself that much more memorable than what you say in your narrative: add graphics and video.

Make them complement your rich language.

Be yourself and be interesting. Be more memorable. Be choose-able.

In doing so, tell “why.”

I was at a networking meeting yesterday morning and the meeting leader asked us all to tell each other why we do the work we do. Brava, I was so pleased. She explained that as she makes her pitches to major corporations, they are asking her why she does what she does. She knows the answer; her message and brand are clear, colorful, tag lined. The targets want to assess her depth and self-worth and how those play with the value they are seeking in her work.

Yes, it’s higher level thinking to speak of “why” than it is of telling “who” and “what.”

I taught my college courses that way, and some of my students were elevated. Some could not rise to that level, but those who tried learned more. Who and what is not college level thinking.

I teach my clients one-to-one and in groups to use “why” to outshine their competitor.

You tell “why.” Let others recommend and endorse you and tell “how.”

Tag lines are short, concise, colorful and picturesque.

Is your “why” as colorful, branded and amazing as you are?