drownSerious emotional resistance originally came from an old client. “No, please don’t make me talk about my interests, what years I went to college, show my head shot;” in other words, “I am hiding myself, comfortable as a shades-of-gray business person.”

Please. I asked him, be colorful and your real self. Excuse my stern lesson, but you are an enjoyable and engaging person. You have an interesting life, from what you told me. I have an idea from looking at you how old you are, and I could find it on the internet anyway if I worked at it.

So I counseled, stop drowning in the paralysis of fear of talking about yourself. You can do it.

Referring to the graphic: I implored him, unleash your concerns and float to the top with the other excellent people you belong to be with. Sharks? Bah-they get a bad rap, say the oceanographers at least.

And he did take my advice. And he thanked me the other day for nudging him to the surface, section by section of his LinkedIn profile, helping him to make his story a lot more interesting to read. A clean and personal narrative, with ideas about his special brand and his other life outside business.

Why? Because he is a professional in everything he does. And now he reads like one.