I have “image” expectations in my mind, and please take these the right way as I am naturally curious and was amazed at 2 imagery stories told by different friends:

  1. her newspaper delivery driver should not drive by and throw the paper into the wet driveway puddle and
  2. the woman who cleans his house should come every week in the same car, not a selection of out-of-state-licensed luxury SUVs.

LI_in rearmirror

In the first case, a few seconds’ extra delivery TLC would keep her from having to call the newspaper itself and ask for a replacement, this second time properly placed in their branded plastic tube attached to her mailbox. Yes, on dry days too, the paper lands in the same place on the driveway, not in the tube. Consistently, daily, facelessly, uncaringly.

Note: It seems the delivery management cannot communicate with the deliverer that waterlogged newsprint is not particularly useful on the breakfast table. Is this a delivery “service”?

In the case of the SUV parade, he may be making a socio-economic assumption of who should drive what type of car, I forgive him, it’s that we normally expect we should drive the same car at least 2 weeks in a row, not a different one weekly. (No, they are not zipcars. He thought of that). And the license plate ranges all over the tri-state area, further sometimes. Note: I trust the service quality is satisfying him.

So in the first case, consistently poor service, the newspaper’s ongoing inconsistent quality control; in the second, an inconsistent image, presented consistently for no consumption to anyone. These are dichotomies.

That was a long wind up for this piece of LinkedIn advice:keep your brand real, keep it consistent and keep your image clearly recognizably uniform throughout the reader’s fast perusal of your personal profile.

Read your own profile from the reader’s POV. Make changes accordingly to make your outward business professional image rich with consistent imagery.

For me, the wonderment ends after a few nanoseconds when I see anomalies between the pitched “image” and the imagery presented. Being inconsistent or poorly consistent, as the case may be, is a click away from your loss of consideration: for the gig, the project, the call to ask your consulting advice, the referral.

Introduce and maintain high quality brand image and your value proposition will be consistently reinforced: be amazing-er than the competitor. Not equal to, or less than.