eurekaThe Avon lady dropped by the latest ad at our door handle. Not remarkable?

It is when you consider it’s been 3 years since my wife ordered one specific product from her that they had discontinued.

Now, according to the note from this Avon sales maven, the product is back and she would be pleased to order it for her. Bottom line: my wife is so flattered that the Avon lady thought about her and went to enough effort to drop by and provide the new information.


Everyone loves to be thought about. So appease their inner flattery in one or more of these LinkedIn ways:

  • share an article or graphic with one or more colleagues and add a warm, special note to let them know this article is probably something they should be aware of.
  • send a special message to someone or more in your LinkedIn tagged group and ask their input on something
  • same idea: to a formal LinkedIn Group you belong to; both of the above 2 ideas with a call to action
  • write a long-form Post and opine or observe things you wish others to know. They will engage with you and either agree, disagree (that’s ok too) and/or add their 2 cents to your Post
  • write a recommendation for someone who performed an act so excellent that helped you directly (without their asking you to write it).
  • introduce 2 strangers whom you can act as a fulcrum to pivot towards a working relationship

In each case, the warmth of being thought of, and your contribution to their knowledge, their profile or their branding is always well appreciated in a very special way.

Do it. Be a good person.