I am in the midst of changing my logos for my e-payment businesses. I was fortunate to have a patient (!) and talented (!!) graphic artist interpret my ideas into now 3 great new logos:

qblogos3upapr2016I always knew I wanted keyboard keys to show how we make purchases in e-commerce today and her interpretation of my colors and technology is spot on. The brand tagline: “optimized cash flow through e-payments”

In the egiving logo, in the “e” of egving, she stylized an envelope, made it look higher tech to demonstrate the ability for a donor to give to a nonprofit electronically using my services.From the envelope we grow and nurture others, again, using electronic imagery: the brand of caring.

She had already designed the connect2collaborate logo a couple of years ago after I explained my brand metaphor of the energy of a connection being greatest closest to the source, and dissipating outwardly from there.

All this is being rolled out as I reach my 15 year milestone as an entrepreneur in July. I am  anticipating a quiet introspective celebration, reflecting back on successes, a few pitfalls, and how much I have learned. Thanks to you of course. We try to exceed your expectations every time.