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What do you know?

child-chef-15644622We tend to visit a certain public garden that uses locally grown (local like right there in their own garden) vegetables in a cooking demonstration by the head chef.

Normally it’s attended by familiar-faced locals: neighbors, groupies (like us) and staffers. This time a grandmother-grandfather duo brought the grand-kids. They sat just behind us, attentive and salivating.

The chef asked for questions midstream, and up went the hand of the 9 year old boy behind us, “Is what you are making like a gastrique?”

Honestly, I watch a lot of cooking shows and eat my fair share of sweet stuff, but I never heard of a gastrique!

The chef, nonplussed, answered the boy as if he were a peer, helped him understand the differences between a gastrique and the brown sugar glaze, and later asked him to come up and help the sous-chef prepare the food samples. This kid was a pro–smart (!) precocious in the most endearing way and ready to help plate the food for attendees. He reveled in helping, in his 9 year-old-boy way, assembling the samples for the 40 attendees.

Best of all, he was not embarrassed to pose a question among adults, nor prevented from asking. He enjoyed and thought about the answer from the chef, a mini-lesson. No adults, parents (or grandparents) or teachers admonishing, “Don’t appear too smart, too ego-centered, too {insert from your memory  the adjective finger-wagged at you}.

Ah youth. Ah self-confidence and the desire to learn.

Be more the the 9 year-old. Ask, only you know what you know and that you definitely seek to learn more. Tell and absorb what you are shown from experts, and pay it forward: offer what you know to help others.

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