Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Please say “thank you” via #LinkedIn

NYSBAtyA nice touch of gratitude came in the snail mail from the New York State Bar Association the other day. It was a pleasure presenting at marketing conferences in the past and most recently at a webinar with 2 colleagues.

Each time they send a large envelope and a certificate such as this. This captures attention and is a documented way to say thank you. Their style. Classy.

My style? I thank someone who has gone above and beyond, on LinkedIn as a public forum.

Or I call someone to thank them verbally with the proper intonation.

Yes, I will also email thank yous once in a while but I prefer the other methods.

They are more in keeping with who I am and why I do what I do. Find your method and thank others as often as is deserved. It feels good, on the giving and on the receiving ends.

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