rockbandThere are many ways to brand yourself and stand out in a crowd. Being memorable and easily findable among 414+ million global business professionals takes work.

Composing a valued LinkedIn profile takes continual action: more than collecting factoids, pasting them together and leaving them to petrify. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a brief collection of 7 strategic ideas I wrote to make your LinkedIn profile fresh and routinely reverberate in the minds of your prospects, one by one:

Cultivate your trusted connections every way you can. You should, ask for a refresher on any older, meaningful recommendations. Allow skill endorsements only from those who know you actually possess that skill. (Go ahead–cull out those endorsers who do not know first-hand any skill they endorsed you for.) While you are at it, delete the extraneous, disappointing connections from the past (no LinkedIn notification message is sent. Quality before quantity! LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) do not know their prey!